Tradition since 1679

The emergence of the Tennerhof and Römerhof

Tennerhof, an attractive farm, was first mentioned in a document dating back to 1416. The owner at that time was named Item die Schwaig Gresnaw.

Since that time the address of the Römerhof has not changed and still is “Römerweg”. Interestingly the owner families of the farm changed very often. In the year 1778, the yard is named "das Gut beim Römer" and found so its final name.

Since 1929 the property is owned by the family Pasquali von Campostellato.

The grandmother of the present owner acquired the property Tennerhof which at that time also had an own agriculture. At this point 20 years ago the country estate Römerhof was built. In 1957, the next generation, Eve and Leopold of Pasquali, received the business and converted the original very simple 3-star house into an elegant 4-star business. In 1989 Luigi von Pasquali, the present owners, joined the business and in 1991 he became managing shareholder.

See yourself and get to know the traditional hotel above the roofs of Kitzbühel. We are looking forward to welcoming you.